Q. Is this an official VTech MobiGo 2 website?
A. No, this is an unofficial price comparison site, visit - www.vtechuk.com for the official VTech website.

Q. When will the MobiGo 2 be available to buy in the UK?
A. As far as we know, it should be available from the 23th of July 2012.

Q. What age is the MobiGo 2 suitable for?
A. Ages 3 - 8 years.

Q. Do the original MobiGo 1 games work with the MobiGo 2?
A. Yes, original MobiGo cartridges are compatible with the new model.

Q. Where can I get support for my MobiGo?
A. You can find customer support contact details on this page of VTech's website

Q. Where can I buy the MobiGo 2?
A. You can find links to UK retailers on the home page of this website

Q. Where can I get answers to questions not listed on this page?
A. Contact us with any othe questions